DVD6C Licensing Group
(Authorized Licensor: Toshiba Corporation)

Toshiba, the authorized licensor for DVD6C, commences arbitration to collect royalties due from DVD6C patent licensee

March 28,2011 --- The DVD6C Licensing Group (“DVD6C”) -- consisting of nine leading developers of DVD technology -- today announced that their authorized licensor, Toshiba, filed a demand for arbitration to collect royalties due from ChangZhou XingQiu Electric Co., Ltd. (“ChangZhou”) (China) under the DVD6C patent license. Toshiba is continuing to pursue arbitration proceedings against Axiom Technologies Manufacturing Pte Ltd. (“Axiom”) (Singapore), Coby Electronics Co., Ltd. (“Coby”) (China), GDD Manufacturing S.r.l. (“GDD”) (Italy), Premium Disc Corporation (“Premium Disc”) (Canada), and Tonic Digital Products Limited (“Tonic”) (Hong Kong) to collect royalties due under their DVD6C patent licenses. These arbitrations are part of a global initiative by the DVD6C Licensing Group to collect unpaid royalties, including those that are unreported and underreported. This new arbitration brings the total number of arbitrations filed by Toshiba as part of this initiative to eleven.

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