DVD6C Licensing Group
(Authorized Licensor: Toshiba Corporation)

Acquisition of IBM's Essential Patents by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

August 19, 2005 --- Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, one of the members of the DVD6C Licensing Group (DVD6C), made the following announcement on August 3, 2005.

"Acquisition of DVD Patents

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (President & CEO: Tamotsu Nomakuchi) today announced that Mitsubishi has acquired approximately 250 DVD patents and patent applications from International Business Machines Corporation ("IBM").

Mitsubishi intends to further strengthen its current and next generation DVD-related business and patent portfolio by utilizing the IBM DVD patents we have acquired from IBM and Mitsubishi's own DVD patents in a synergistic manner.

Also, the DVD patents we acquired from IBM include all IBM DVD patents which have been identified as essential pursuant to the DVD6C licensing program. Mitsubishi, as one of the licensors of DVD6C, will continue to make these essential DVD patents acquired from IBM available for licensing in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth by DVD6C."

Note: This is English translation of the original press release prepared by Mitsubishi. The original press release was issued in Japanese only.

As is written in the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation's announcement, IBM's Essential DVD Patents acquired by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation remain licensed under the DVD 6C License.

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